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Tiptoh is a brand new and innovative plant-based drink made from split peas. 

Tiptoh’s logo is a stacked wordmark in which the split pea, the core ingredient of their product, is implemented in an abstract way. Secondary information extends this stacked design with the use of graphic bars and peas.

I chose the characteristic yellow colour of the pea as the base colour of their new identity and of their first drink: the Original.
Each subsequent product of the Tiptoh range got its own spot colour, which is combined solely with the white base of the packaging. In this way, I created a striking series to attract the necessary attention in the store shelves. Another challenge that we tackled through packaging was Tiptoh’s ambition to communicate as transparently as possible. Therefore, I visualised their road-to-market story and put it on every package.

Besides the packaging I designed Tiptoh’s webshop, merchandise, motion design, store displays and helped them with their social media communication.

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