graphic design & art direction





brand identity
web design

motion design
printed matter

Development by Dave Driesmans
Illustrations by Lien Geeroms 

Hardware by Verhaert Digital Innovation
Renders by Péter I. Pápics

Telraam is innovative technology that helps citizens take control of traffic counting. With its AI-equipped sensor anyone can track the amount of cars, heavy vehicles, public transport, cyclists, and pedestrians passing by in their neighbourhood. This data provides essential information for creating solutions to traffic congestion, air pollution and road safety.

The open nature of Telraam is reflected in the new logo. The icon is formed with interconnected lines that suggest the flow of data and information. This icon is paired with a modern and bold wordmark.

In addition to the brand identity, I helped design the front- and backend of the interactive platform. This platform allows users to easily upload, view and analyze the data collected by the sensor, empowering them to make informed decisions about how to improve their community's traffic and safety. 

Besides the visual identity of Telraam I developed the subbrand for Traffic Scout, an intelligent and approachable traffic mode for mobility experts. Within the graphic realm of Telraam I designed a binoculars-shaped icon. It symbolizes the technology's ability to provide insights into traffic patterns while also enabling collaboration and information-sharing. 

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