graphic design & art direction



Gent Gemapt

2022 — 2023

brand identity
web design
motion design
printed matter
campaign design

Project coordination
by Fien Danniau, Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities

by Frederic Lamsens

Gent Gemapt is an interactive tool that brings to life the rich heritage of the city of Ghent. This comprehensive project encompasses a vast collection of 4.000 locations of the city. It displays 10.000 images, postcards, artworks, posters and other historical objects carefully curated from various archives in and about the city’s history. The heart of Gent Gemapt lies in its ability to showcase these remarkable artefacts and locations on 20 overlaying historical maps, providing users with a captivating journey through time.

Gent Gemapt is a unique collaborative project that brings together a wealth of historical materials and artefacts from various sources.
The intertwining of the letters "g" in the project's logo, symbolizes the unity and collaboration between these different archives.

This intertwining symbol formed the base of +30 rounded icons that represent the different types of places found on the interactive map. These icons serve as intuitive and recognizable symbols, enhancing the user experience and facilitating navigation within the digital platform. 

Designing an accessible platform, which combines data from 4.000+ locations was a challenge. I implemented functionalities like location filters, an interactive timeline, layered maps and a search field to help users explore the extensive collection.

‘Gent Gemapt’ is a unique experience that makes the cultural treasures of Ghent more accessible. The warm colours and rounded shapes in the visual identity enhance the accessibility of the platform.


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