graphic design & art direction


Decap Drawing Device

2013 — 2021

Exhibited at:
  • Funke Ghent, 2021
  • Drawing Days Hasselt, 2021
  • LUCA Ghent, 2014

Photos © Sara De Graeve, Randoald Sabbe

The Decap Drawing Device designs record sleeves for Dance Organ music.
Dance Organs are big machines playing live music and thereby completely replacing the musician. The human factor, which is important for a subjective medium like music, lacks entirely. I redesigned the record sleeves of ‘A Decap Sound’, the label which distributes the music.
Just like the musicians are replaced by a machine, I as well replaced myself as a designer by creating the Decap Drawing Device.

This machine creates unique designs driven by the same system that defines the music played by dance organs: namely punched cards. In my machine they work as stencils contrary to the organ where they contain the music score. By turning the lever, the punch cards run through the machine and the fixed pens leave a circular pattern on the sleeve.

Each pattern corresponds to a certain type of instrument included in the organ. Repetitive lines represent percussion instruments, irregular lines refer to more melodious instruments on the other hand like the accordion or flute.

I emphasize the extension 2.3 as this is a work in progress. Up until now I designed four versions with varying results.