graphic design & art direction


Capital of Brussels


With the support of the Flemish government

The newly-opened Flamand-Holland Központ in Debrecen, Hungary, welcomed photographer Illias Teirlinck and me to exhibit at the All-in Flanders Festival in May 2022.
We started a new collaboration about our hometown, Brussels for this occasion. The ambiguity that pervades our motherland's capital and structures inspired us to look for inconsistencies and absurdities in our surroundings, notably Brussels' wild urban chaos.

We took the typical 'hop on/hop off' tour of Brussels and documented our journey with an emphasis on the streets and in-between areas rather than the highlights themselves. We sought a tone that depicted Brussels honestly and served as a tribute to the city without being ironic.

As a result, the multicultural society is documented through diverse (photo)graphic imagery in both scale and medium. Furthermore, we were particularly interested in wayfinding, which is already omnipresent in Brussels traffic because of the bilingualism. During the pandemic and the accompanying health measures the wayfinding chaos became even more prevalent.

In addition to the exhibited works we created some promotional material.
Multiple posters were printed with our hop on/hop off tour on the verso side and some postcards for visitors to take home.

© Broos Stoffels